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Dubai is a wedding destination that blends opulence, modernity, and cultural charm. Its awe- inspiring skyline, luxurious hotels, and exotic wedding venues offer diverse backdrops and world- class services for your wedding in Dubai.

Dubai, a city in the United Arab Emirates, emerges as a mesmerizing blend of futuristic innovation and rich heritage. Dubai's luxury is complemented by the sprawling desert that surrounds the city.

Micro-wedding vs Elopement in Dubai

A micro-wedding is a small-scale wedding ceremony and reception that involves a significantly smaller number of guests (around 20 to 50) compared to traditional weddings. The term gained popularity as couples started opting for more intimate and personalized celebrations. Micro- weddings often prioritize quality over quantity, allowing couples to focus on meaningful interactions with their closest friends and family members. Due to the smaller guest list, couples can often choose more unique venues, offer more personalized experiences, and invest in higher-quality elements like food, decor, and entertainment.

An elopement is a type of wedding characterized by its intimate and often secretive nature. Elopements can range from simple ceremonies, such as a courthouse wedding, to more elaborate affairs in picturesque locations. Some couples choose to have a small number of close friends or family members as witnesses, while others opt for a completely private ceremony.

Micro-weddings and elopements are exceptionally well-suited for weddings in Dubai and allow you to choose a high-end location that might be impractical for a larger event. Both concepts enable couples to infuse in this luxurious and dynamic city.

Best time to get married in Dubai

Unlike in Europe, winter (November to February) is the most popular time for weddings in Dubai due to the milder and more pleasant weather. Daytime temperatures range from around 20°C to 25°C, making it ideal for outdoor ceremonies and celebrations. However, this is the peak tourist season, so venues and services might be in higher demand.

Spring (March to April) is also a good option for weddings, with temperatures ranging from 20°C to 30°C. The weather is warm but not excessively hot, and the city is in full bloom with vibrant flowers and greenery. Summers (May to September) in Dubai are extremely hot, with temperatures often exceeding 40°C. Outdoor weddings during these months can be challenging due to the heat. However, some couples opt for indoor venues or evening ceremonies to mitigate the weather. Note that Ramadan (dates vary each year), the Islamic holy month of fasting, impacts wedding planning in Dubai. During this time, many Muslims observe fasting during daylight hours, and there are cultural sensitivities to consider.

Planning an elopement or micro-wedding in Dubai

There are some aspects to keep in mind when planning a destination wedding in Dubai. Firstly, legal requirements for getting married in Dubai differ from those in European countries. Research and understand the necessary documentation, procedures, and residency requirements for your nationality to ensure a legally recognized marriage. Also, Dubai has cultural and religious customs that may impact your wedding plans. For example, if you're planning a mixed-religion wedding, there might be restrictions on certain practices. Respect local traditions and follow any guidelines. Being mindful of local customs and cultural sensitivities is important when planning a wedding in Dubai. This applies to attire, behaviour, and any cultural elements you might want to incorporate.

Secondly, Dubai is known for its luxury and opulence, which can impact your budget. Costs might differ from those in Europe, and it's important to consider currency exchange rates, taxes, and potential hidden fees. For a smoother wedding organizing experience, research and identify local vendors who are experienced in catering to international weddings and understand the requirements of non-resident couples.

Thirdly, coordinating a wedding in a foreign country involves managing logistics and details from a distance. Remember that arranging travel and accommodations for yourself and your guests requires careful planning. Providing information to your guests about the destination, local attractions, and cultural practices can enhance their overall visit.

Bringing your own vendors to a destination wedding in Dubai

You can take along your own vendors who are familiar with your style and preferences to your destination wedding in Dubai. If you choose to do so, there are some things to consider. Most importantly, communicate early and clearly with your vendors about your plans to take them to Dubai. Discuss logistics, travel arrangements, accommodation, and any requirements they need to meet. Ensure they have the necessary visas to work in Dubai and research any legal and permit requirements for foreign vendors working in Dubai. To ease the work of your vendors, consider hiring a local coordinator or planner who can assist with local regulations, customs, and any logistical challenges vendors might encounter.

Also, determine if your vendors need to bring specific equipment or supplies that might not be readily available in Dubai. If possible, arrange for your vendors to visit the venue before the wedding to help them plan their setups effectively and understand the space. Keep in mind Dubai's climate when planning for equipment and supplies. Extreme temperatures and desert conditions might require additional precautions.

Additionally, set up efficient communication channels to stay in touch with your vendors, considering time zone differences. Video calls, messaging apps, and email can help maintain clear communication. Work closely with your vendors in all stages of wedding preparation to ensure their creative vision aligns with the Dubai setting.

Couples often choose to bring along a variety of vendors when planning a destination wedding. Some common types of vendors that couples bring along for a destination wedding are wedding photographers and videographers, makeup and hair stylists, and entertainment professionals such as wedding musicians.

Bringing your wedding musician to a wedding in Dubai adds a personalized touch to your special day.

Eric Sax, a renowned wedding saxophonist from the romantic city of Paris, will be delighted to complement your destination wedding in Dubai with his saxophone melodies and captivating performances. With a passion for creating enchanting musical moments at any wedding destination couples choose,

Eric Sax has garnered a reputation for infusing weddings with elegance and romance through his exceptional saxophone skills. Choosing destination wedding saxophonist Eric Sax to be part of your Dubai micro-wedding means treating your guests to a musical experience that transcends cultural boundaries.

Saxophonist / Musician: ERIC SAX

Having your musician allows you to curate a musical experience that aligns perfectly with your tastes and preferences. Your musician might be able to offer unique performances, such as personalized renditions of your favourite songs or original compositions, making your wedding one-of-a-kind. Not less important, working with a musician you know and trust can create a sense of comfort and familiarity, which can be especially important in a new and unfamiliar setting.

To ease your destination wedding musician's work, ensure that the chosen venue can accommodate your musician's performance needs, such as sound equipment and acoustics. Communicate with your wedding planner or coordinator to ensure a smooth integration of your musician into the overall wedding timeline and schedule.

Wedding venues in Dubai

There are several kinds of wedding venues in Dubai, suitable to various wedding concepts and themes. As mentioned before, Dubai is renowned for its luxurious wedding venues. Many high-end hotels and resorts offer opulent ballrooms, elegant reception halls, stunning outdoor spaces and rooftop terraces for both intimate and grand weddings. Another significant characteristic of Dubai – its unique desert landscape – offers the opportunity for magical desert weddings. These venues often blend traditional Arabian aesthetics and modern comfort. For a refreshing experience, plan your wedding aboard a yacht or cruise ship, sailing along Dubai's coastline or waterways.

Small wedding venues for an intimate wedding in Dubai

Opting for a small wedding venue in Dubai for an intimate celebration offers an opportunity to heighten attention to detail. To name just a few intimate wedding venues in Dubai, Cielo Sky Lounge is a rooftop venue that offers breathtaking views of the Dubai Marina skyline and can host small wedding celebrations. Known for its Peruvian cuisine and stylish décor, COYA offers private dining areas for small weddings in Dubai. With its opulent interiors, Palazzo Versace offers intimate indoor venues like private function rooms and elegant ballrooms. Located in the Burj Khalifa, the Armani Hotel offers contemporary and elegant indoor venues, including ballrooms and private dining rooms.


Boutique hotels for micro-weddings in Dubai

Choosing a boutique hotel wedding venue in Dubai offers a blend of intimacy and luxury. These venues provide a stylish atmosphere that caters to a smaller guest list. With personalized attention and dedicated service, boutique hotels ensure your wedding goes flawlessly. The Palace Downtown Dubai is a boutique hotel that features glamorous event spaces, including elegant ballrooms and intimate salons, offering a touch of Arabian elegance. But XVA Art Hotel is a boutique hotel in the heart of Dubai's historic Al Fahidi district that features an art gallery, courtyard, and rooftop terrace, providing a charming and cultural atmosphere.


Outdoor wedding venues in Dubai

Having an outdoor wedding in Dubai can be a magical experience, but there are important factors to consider to ensure a successful and enjoyable event.

Most importantly, it’s weather and season. Dubai has a hot desert climate. Consider the time of year and also the time of day. Opt for early morning or late afternoon/evening ceremonies to avoid the peak heat of the day. Sunset ceremonies can offer beautiful lighting for photos. If a wedding is held during the daytime, ensure there is adequate shade and shelter for guests. Provide amenities like fans, misting stations, and hydration stations to keep guests cool and comfortable. Don’t forget to inform your guests about the dress code, suggesting lighter and breathable fabrics for comfort in the heat.

For your desert oasis wedding consider The Secret Garden at Jumeirah Al Qasr. This hidden garden offers a secluded and romantic setting for weddings, surrounded by lush greenery and stunning views of the Arabian Gulf. While situated in Al Barari, The Farm offers lush gardens, tranquil lakes, and outdoor event spaces surrounded by nature, providing a serene and romantic setting. For a refreshing experience, located at the end of a pier, Pierchic, an overwater restaurant, provides breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf and Dubai coastline.


Exotic wedding locations in Dubai

Imagine celebrating your special day in an exotic wedding venue in Dubai that evoke the Arabian Nights, surrounded by architectural wonders and breathtaking landscapes. From the golden dunes of the desert to the shimmering waters of the Arabian Gulf, these exotic wedding venues in Dubai promise a one-of-a-kind experience.

Having a desert safari wedding in Dubai is a unique and adventurous choice. But before indulging in your oriental dream, consider a few factors.

Firstly, choose a reputable desert wedding venue such as Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa, which offers a variety of private venues, including dunes, gardens, and terraces, or Al Maha, a Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa that offers private dining areas and lounges with a blend of luxury and nature-inspired décor.

Secondly, opt for early morning or late afternoon/evening timings for your wedding to avoid extreme temperatures, as Dubai's desert can be quite hot during the day. Provide sun protection items like hats, umbrellas, and sunscreen for guests. Offer chilled beverages to keep everyone hydrated. Inform your guests in advance about the recommended dress code, comfortable attire and footwear.

Thirdly, ensure you have proper sound equipment, as outdoor desert environments can have challenging acoustics. Also, plan for the best lighting conditions for photography, which might be during the golden hour before sunset. Coordinate with your photographer to capture the stunning desert backdrop.

Not less importantly, inform your guests about safety guidelines in the desert environment, including staying hydrated, avoiding wandering off alone, and being cautious with open flames. Finally, have a backup plan in case of unexpected weather changes. Desert environments can be prone to sudden wind or sandstorms.

Beachfront wedding venues in Dubai

Having a beachfront wedding in Dubai offers a captivating blend of natural beauty and urban luxury. Whether you're envisioning a relaxed bohemian beach wedding or a sophisticated coastal affair, the beachfront setting can be adapted to various wedding themes.

For an intimate beach wedding in Dubai, consider Jumeirah Al Qasr. With its Arabian-inspired architecture and waterfront setting, this luxury resort offers outdoor venues overlooking the tranquil waterways of Madinat Jumeirah. Nikki Beach Dubai offers private cabanas and spaces for small beachfront weddings with a chic and relaxed atmosphere. Ideal for beach lovers, Ritz-Carlton Dubai Beachfront Gazebo provides an intimate space with sandy shores and the ocean as a backdrop.

Author: Renāte Berga

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