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A destination wedding in Paris is a dream for many couples, and it is not without reason because a wedding in Paris is an enchanting experience filled with unparalleled romance and elegance. The charm and sophistication of Parisian culture infuse every aspect of the celebration, leaving couples and their loved ones with lifelong memories of a truly magical day.

One of the very talented wedding photographers in Paris, Megija Plata, shared her favourite photoshoot and wedding venues in Paris, as well as insights and tips on wedding planning in Paris.

Paris wedding venues for a grand celebration

There are many majestic venues in Paris for a royal celebration. But even if you don’t plan a grand wedding, you can have your wedding photoshoot in these venues to experience all this grandeur.

Listed below are the most romantic wedding locations in Paris.

Le Meurice – Located in the centre of Paris, this hotel is associated with the French art scene because several world-famous artists, such as Dalí and Zola, lived here.


Shangri-La – One of the most exclusive hotels in Paris with wonderful views of the Eiffel Tower and exquisite rooms.

Nef du Collège des Bernardins – An unheard-of place, mostly known only to locals, because it is not popularized as much as other wedding venues. This place is known for its architecture, which has been preserved since the 13th century.


Opéra Garnier – The famous Parisian opera house, which has also received recognition for its magnificent architecture and design. The interiors are decorated with grand chandeliers and staircases, as in princess fairy tales. There are sculptures throughout, and the roof is decorated with golden sculptures and pink marble columns.


Musée Rodin – A place that can be booked only with the help of a wedding planner. It is one of the most expensive wedding venues in Paris. Also located in the centre of Paris. Adorned with historic gardens, world-famous works of art and a staircase with a checkered marble floor, it is also a fantastic museum to visit while in Paris.


Hôtel D'Évreux – It can also be found right in the heart of Paris among Place Vendôme’s luxury hotels, meaning you won’t have to look far to find where to stay before and after the ceremony or celebration. In addition, this is one of the places that allow the use of balconies and patios for photoshoots.


Ideas for an intimate elopement in Paris

There are many ways to experience the most romantic city in the world. There are endless exquisite outdoor wedding venues in Paris for your destination wedding. Also, all the activities and venues listed below will look stunning in your wedding photos.

Yacht on the Seine

There are several yacht and boat cruise providers in Paris. For example, you can choose Yachts de Paris or a retro boat from Le Bateau Français for two to four people along the river with champagne, overlooking the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, bridges and more. One of the most romantic options.


Petit Palais

A museum with a fantastic garden, where the spring period is overflowing with cherry blossoms and magnolias, the interior is full of sculptures, paintings and grand curved stairs. Next to it is Pont Alexandre III, famous for its architecture and design, including Paris street lamps, golden sculptures and massive railings.



Palais Royal

The route may include Louvre and Jardin des Tuileries. Palais Royal and the garden are famous for their arches and columns, which symmetrically emphasize the architecture of the palace. There is also a famous installation of black and white columns. In early spring the garden is overflowing with magnolia trees, in May rose bushes bloom in the garden, in the summer there are various types of flowers, and in October you can already appreciate the beautiful autumn colour scheme. The itinerary can be combined with the Louvre, which is right next door.



Château Bouffemont

Just outside the city of Paris, there is a gorgeous château called Château Bouffemont. It is a perfect place to have a wedding ceremony, celebration or a simple elopement. It is known for its timeless touch, impressive interior, chandeliers, beautiful curved stairs, and garden. The owners have said that the château has "nostalgia inspired by the past without forgetting the present and future".



Eiffel Tower

A landmark that doesn’t need comments. But to get the best view, you can go to the famous Bir- Hakeim bridge or see the sunrise at Place du Trocadéro to take breathtaking photos with the Eiffel Tower in your background.


Place Saint-Sulpice

There is a fountain and a grand church in the background at the Place Saint-Sulpice. You can combine this with the Jardin du Luxembourg, known both for its Luxembourg castle, flower trees and shrubs, as well as fountains and sculptures, and the famous Medici fountain.


Planning your destination wedding in Paris

Paris is associated by most people with luxury, high-level services, and its status as the capital of fashion. You can experience all of this, organizing not only a photo session but also a wedding celebration.

Regardless of the number of people, it is necessary to plan a relatively large budget, so I warmly recommend studying in detail the offers of all service providers before booking. One of the first must-do things in a wedding ceremony and celebration planning is to contact a local wedding organizer who will help you throughout the planning process with the smallest details, revealing places that are not publicly available. In addition, a wedding planner will help look for alternatives due to various unpredictable circumstances that may occur, for example, unpredictable weather conditions or protests.


Because Paris is the most visited city in the world, most service providers and vendors only work with tourists, so you don’t have to speak French to communicate. Regardless, it is important to get to know the professionals you plan to work with to understand whether you will be on the same page and whether it is easy to communicate. Despite all the prejudices, the locals are kind and welcoming and rejoice together with the couples they see on the streets, compliment them a lot and smile at them. The main thing is to respect the environment around you and be kind.


Best time to get married in Paris

As Paris is the most popular tourist destination, the city is always packed with people. Especially during the wedding season when the weather is nice (spring–autumn), planning a sunrise photoshoot to avoid crowds is the best option. The light is soft and pleasant in the morning, and no one will bother. Of course, if it is not possible, we try to avoid crowds in other ways or use them for our benefit.

Even though the most popular landmarks can be packed on your wedding day, it doesn’t stop anybody from capturing great wedding photos in Paris. Many couples like to experiment and get out of their comfort zone, for example, having the session at the metro station or laundromat. Paris offers a wide variety of locations to fulfil your wildest ideas!


Things to consider when planning a wedding in Paris

Although Parisians are well known because of their protesting nature, you can prepare for that so, on the wedding day, there is no unnecessary stress. The protest marches are announced early enough (the wedding organizer will be the help here), and they usually take place only at one end of Paris, while the other side is calm. You will want to avoid the protest location, although if not possible, people who participate stay on the streets most of the time.

As for the restoration of monuments (Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Opéra Garnier, etc.), they will last for a while because Paris is preparing for the 2024 Summer Olympics. For the most part, the restorations aren't noticeable in the photos apart from Opéra Garnier, which is completely covered (but the inside is still grandly beautiful). If you plan on eloping or celebrating your day in the summer of 2024, avoid going on the dates of the Olympics.


Author: Megija Platā

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