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Modern Mediterranean wedding decorations and florals embody a fusion of contemporary design and Mediterranean influences. The decor often includes Mediterranean-inspired elements, evoking a sense of timeless romance against a backdrop of modern sophistication.

We talked to the region’s best wedding floral artists to understand their process of creating concepts, their approach when communicating with couples, and how they balance and intertwine their carefully developed style with the couple’s wishes. We also inquired about timing and costs – how much in advance you should book your wedding florist and how much it costs.

Wedding floristry that inspires / Paola Negroni

Inspirational wedding floristry is a creative and innovative approach to floral design for weddings. It involves crafting unique floral arrangements that reflect the couple's personalities and the theme of the wedding. Inspirational wedding florists such as Paola Negroni often push the boundaries of traditional floral design, incorporating unusual blooms, colour palettes, and textures to create memorable and visually stunning floral displays. When it comes to floral decor, her work inspires couples to think outside the box, making their special day truly unforgettable.


When she meets a couple for the first time, she starts chatting with them about various topics to understand their personalities and expectations a little better. Then she gets into the specific subject of floral design. For the colour palette, she tries to figure out the main colours they would like for the wedding floral design. In the creative design phase, she then tries to add an unusual shade or colour combination that will amaze the couple and make the arrangement special and less seen.


On the other hand, as far as current or more fashionable floral decorations are concerned, Paola Negroni says she is not the rudder who guides her proposals to the bride and groom. Her style is quite definite: botanical and spontaneous, and the couple usually contact her precisely to get the decorations that are close to her world.

Combining modernity with tradition / BrancoPrata

Wedding floristry that combines modern trends with tradition is a harmonious balance between the elegance of tradition and the freshness of modernity, creating a memorable and visually appealing atmosphere for weddings. This approach respects traditional floral arrangements and symbolism while infusing them with current trends in colour, style, and presentation.


As Sofia from BrancoPrata team describes it, when it comes to creating floral designs, coming up with concepts and colour schemes is an exhilarating journey of creativity and imagination. As a floral designer, Sofia’s mind is constantly buzzing with ideas, and she draws inspiration from various sources to develop unique and captivating designs.

The first step in this process is understanding the client's vision and preferences. By having in-depth discussions and getting to know their style, she will design a complete visual proposal for the floral design to perfectly match their aesthetic. Once she has a clear idea of what the couple desires, she dives into the world of colour schemes. Colours are the essence of any floral arrangement, and they play a crucial role in setting the mood and ambience.

Asked about where she gets the inspiration, Sofia says that she often starts by exploring nature, art and design in various forms and observing the colours that catch her eye. From vibrant sunsets to delicate pastel flowers, from minimalist design to fashion editorials, from a random texture wall she sees on a street to the movement of a falling leaf, her surroundings provide an endless array of shades and combinations to spark her creativity. Sofia always tries to ensure that her designs are not only visually appealing but also remain relevant and fashionable and are experienced as a narrative that is waiting to be read.

To further refine her concepts, she experiments with different textures, shapes, and sizes of flowers because incorporating a variety of blooms adds depth and dimension to the design, making it visually captivating. Sofia also considers the wedding venue for which the floral arrangement is intended. As a passionate floral designer, Sofia thrives on the excitement of bringing ideas to life and creating breathtaking arrangements that leave a lasting impression on everyone who lays eyes on them.


As a flower enthusiast, Sofia emphasizes it is crucial to always keep sustainability in mind when creating floral arrangements and installations. By being conscious of the environmental impact of our choices, we can ensure that our love for flowers doesn't harm the planet. At BrancoPrata, they are constantly thinking about ways to reduce waste, conserve water, and source flowers responsibly. Sustainability is not just a trend but a way of life that Sofia is proud to embrace in her floral creations.

Wedding decoration trends in Portugal

As Sofia explains, Portuguese wedding decorations are truly unique and significant, with a vibrant blend of tradition and modernity. One of the standout features is the incorporation of traditional azulejos, which are decorative ceramic tiles. These tiles are often used to create intricate patterns and beautiful designs that add a touch of elegance to the venue.

Another distinctive element in Portuguese wedding decorations is the use of vibrant and bold colours. From rich reds to deep blues, these colours bring a sense of joy and celebration to the atmosphere. But let's not forget about traditional Portuguese terracotta, each piece tells a unique story, showcasing the incredible skill of the Portuguese artisans. Sofia notes these are just a few examples since Portugal has so many unique features she uses as inspiration. Portuguese wedding decorations truly embody the country's rich cultural heritage and are sure to leave a lasting impression on all who attend.


Speaking of flowers, plants or greens that you can get in Portugal that you can't find anywhere else, Sofia explains that although Portugal is well known for its mild climate and fertile soil, it still has a long way to go as far as growing local flowers and, unfortunately, there aren't a lot of types of flowers and greenery she can source locally. However, olive branches are often incorporated into the decor to symbolize peace and fertility. Eucalyptus is also very common in Portugal, but it’s not Sofia’s favourite to incorporate in her designs.

Timeless Italian wedding floristry / Motif Floral

Timeless wedding floristry in Italy is characterized by its classic and romantic aesthetic, combining traditional floral arrangements with a touch of Italian elegance. It often features lush and sophisticated bouquets and centrepieces.

Flaminia from Motif Floral says that creating floral design concepts and colour schemes is one of the pleasures of their work, as they can express themselves, and it often involves collaboration between the wedding planner and the florist to create some particular and iconic designs. She loves to incorporate seasonal flowers and particular different textures. Also, it is fundamental to consider the overall ambience, the style and the emotions they want to share.


When working with couples, for Motif Floral, the most important element is to understand the couple's vision for their wedding, their preferred style and any personal preferences they may have. Couples often share inspirational images, colour palettes, and details about the venue, which help the florist come up with suitable ideas. Flaminia notes that open communication is crucial when developing decorations with couples. Regular consultations allow the florist to understand the couple's aesthetic and offer suggestions.

Wedding floristry trends in Italy

Flaminia says that some popular flower trends in Italy include mixing different textures and sizes of blooms, incorporating non-traditional elements like feathers, ribbons, and pearls, and creating natural groups of flowers. In Italy, they are lucky to have a lot of unique Italian locally-grown flowers and plants. These elements can be used to create stunning and unique Italian-inspired arrangements.


Italian wedding decorations often embrace a blend of natural and romantic elements. Olive branches, citrus fruits, and local greenery are frequently integrated into designs, reflecting the Italian landscape. Depending on the region, you might also find distinct regional flowers and traditions that can be incorporated into the decor.

As Flaminia reports, the latest Italian wedding decoration trends are monochromatic bouquets – from entirely white to all the different colours with their shades, without greenery. Also, a single flower type bouquet, made with long visible stem flowers, is for those who do not like excessive details and want a modern appeal. Another trend is bouquets in gradient, starting from light shades to strong nuances.

Wedding floristry with a personal touch / Andreia Ferrás

Personalized wedding floristry is a bespoke approach to floral design that caters specifically to the couple's tastes, preferences, and unique love story. It involves collaborating closely with the bride and groom to incorporate personal elements, meaningful blooms, and custom colour schemes into the floral arrangements. Wedding floristry with a personal touch involves customizing floral arrangements to create a memorable and deeply meaningful atmosphere.


For Andreia Ferrás, the main priority is to connect with the couple and talk about everything, not only about their ideas for the wedding. In Adreia’s experience, there have been couples with some initial ideas, and sometimes they choose something just because they saw it somewhere, forgetting about what they really are. That's why Andreia asks a lot of questions that are not wedding-related to get to know them better, and sometimes they end up changing everything from what they thought they liked to something that is their essence. It is truly teamwork!


As Andreia Ferrás explains, she’s not the type of person that goes along with trends. That's why she loves to work in different types of wedding venues. But she has to say that in Portugal, they have it all! Do you want a romantic and classic wedding? Portugal has lots of stunning palaces all over the country. Do you prefer a more rustic countryside wedding? Just look at the Douro region. Do you want both styles? They also have dreamy options for that as well! For Adreia, that’s the beauty of being a wedding floral designer in Portugal, as she’s always amazed at so much beauty in such a small country. So, for her, the inspiration comes from all of these amazing different places. Her work is very sensorial, and her approach is all about feeling the place, observing the shapes, colours, and movements, and always looking for a different way of doing things by enhancing them, not changing them.

Naturalistic wedding floristry / Atmosfere Botaniche

Naturalistic wedding floristry is a design style that embraces the beauty of nature. It emphasizes a loose, organic, unstructured aesthetic and aims to create a sense of effortless beauty, as if the florals were arranged by nature itself, resulting in a romantic and elegant ambience.


Atmosfere Botaniche specializes in crafting unique and refined naturalistic moods, elevating weddings to a new level of enchantment and memorability. Regardless of your chosen wedding venue, their creations will magically transform the space with carefully selected, delicately-hued flowers and elegant accessories that enhance the venue's inherent charm. Their approach involves tailoring every detail to your preferences.

By understanding your personality and desired ambience for your special day, Atmosfere Botaniche leaves nothing to chance, ensuring the colours, flowers, and intricate details align harmoniously. What sets Atmosfere Botaniche apart is their dedication to sourcing rare, seasonal flowers they grow, select, or gather themselves, resulting in truly original and elegant arrangements that will leave a lasting impression on your guests and make your event exceptional.


Artistic wedding floristry / Michele Castelnuovo Flowers

Artistic wedding floristry is a creative and expressive approach to floral design that prioritizes the arrangement as a work of art. It involves using flowers and greenery as a medium to create unique, visually striking, and often unconventional compositions.

This style emphasizes the fusion of colour, texture, and form to produce floral arrangements that are not just decorative but also convey a strong artistic message. Artistic wedding floristry allows for imaginative and personalized designs that showcase the couple's individuality and create a visually captivating atmosphere at their wedding.


Michele Castelnuovo constantly seeks out elegant colour pairings and takes pleasure in capturing subtle tone variations within flowers. Colour plays a fundamental role in his craft, and he has a deep affection for vibrant and bold hues, as crafting harmonious colour schemes is a particularly intriguing aspect of artistic wedding floristry.


When to book your wedding florist?

For a destination wedding in Italy, it's advisable to book your wedding florist at least 6 to 12 months in advance, Motif Floral explains. This allows ample time for consultations, concept development, and sourcing the necessary flowers and materials. In cases where the couple is abroad and unable to see samples in person, technology comes to the rescue. Video calls, high-resolution images, and virtual tours of the venue can help the couple visualize the decorations.

For a destination wedding in Portugal, Andreia Ferrás recommends reaching out to your potential wedding florist one year in advance, never less than 3 months. For example, Andreia Ferrás only works with one wedding per week to ensure she’s fully focused on the couple. If the couple contacts her closer to the wedding date, it is possible that she isn’t available for that date.

Regarding the decor planning, she keeps the process smooth and simple for the couples. That's why she prefers to get to know them as early as possible so they can relax while she’s doing all the work for them. The first step is to make a proper project with all the details, colour palettes, styles, types of flowers, and every detail so they can approve or change whatever they want until they get a final project.

BrancoPrata explains that planning a wedding is an exhilarating experience filled with love, laughter and a touch of stress. One crucial aspect of wedding planning is finding the perfect florist to bring your floral dreams to life. When you’ve found the one, don’t hesitate and book them right away! Booking your wedding florist in advance ensures that you secure their services and have ample time to discuss your vision and preferences. You don't want to be scrambling at the last minute trying to find a florist who can accommodate your requests.

When asked about how decoration planning work when the couple is abroad and isn't able to see some samples in real life, BrancoPrata answers that it may seem like a challenge when it comes to choosing the perfect decorations for the couple's big day, especially if they can't physically see the samples in real life. However, thanks to technology and the wonders of the internet, decoration planning has become a breeze, even from afar.

With today's advanced technology, couples can easily communicate with them through video calls and virtual meetings. This allows them to see the samples in real time and provide feedback or make any necessary changes. Additionally, BrancoPrata offers online portfolios where couples can browse through various decoration options and choose what suits their taste and style best. Distance is no longer a hindrance when it comes to planning the perfect floral design. With the help of technology and online resources, couples can make informed decisions and create their dream wedding ambience, even if they're thousands of miles away.

How much do wedding florals cost?

In Italy, the cost of wedding floral arrangements depends on many factors and not only on the quantity of flowers to be bought, Paola Negroni tells us. For example, some arrangements have to be done completely on-site and in a short time require a lot of staff. Some locations have difficult logistics and require several vans and many people for porterage. In addition, the distance, the hours of work, the number of people who have to work and also the amount of items that have to be transported also affect the cost.

Motif Floral also explains that floral decoration costs can vary widely depending on factors like the size of the wedding, the types of flowers used, the complexity of the designs, and the location. On average, couples can expect to allocate around 15% of their wedding budget to floral decorations. However, it's important to discuss specific pricing with the chosen florist, as costs can differ based on individual preferences and requirements.

In Portugal, there is a wide range of options to suit any budget, from small and intimate gatherings to extravagant celebrations, BrancoPrata explains. Whether you're looking for a simple bouquet or an elaborate centrepiece, the talented florists in Portugal will work their magic to create something truly breathtaking. Although flowers in Portugal are expensive, BrancoPrata believes that a fair price to pay for something truly breathtaking is worth every penny.

Andreia Ferrás also notes that the range can be huge. An intimate wedding can cost 3,000 euros or a lot more, it all depends on what couples envision for their day. Andreia Ferrás is not the type of vendor that thinks that the more, the better. She loves simple things, but people should understand that simple styles with an effortless look are not cheap because it takes an experienced professional to make them look exquisite!

Author: Renāte Berga

Wedding floral artists: Paola Negroni, BrancoPrata, Motif Floral, Andreia Ferrás, Atmosfere Botaniche, Michele Castelnuovo Flowers

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