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Nature and design-inspired weddings in Scandinavia

Nature and design-inspired weddings in Scandinavia


Scandinavian weddings weave nature and design into unforgettable celebrations, blending the region's stunning landscapes with elegant aesthetics to create a harmonious union of love and style. We offer an insight into weddings in Scandinavia to inspire you to have your Nordic celebration.

Nordic inspired wedding

Despite the Nordic climate, many Scandinavian weddings are held outdoors, even in colder months, and often take place in stunning natural settings, such as forests, meadows, lakes or fjords. The beautiful natural surroundings are an integral part of the celebration. Additionally, the time of year strongly influences Nordic weddings. For example, winter weddings might incorporate elements like candles and warm blankets, while summer weddings may focus on the abundance of light and greenery.

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In some Nordic countries, particularly Sweden and Finland, midsummer and Winter Solstice weddings are quite popular. These often include traditional midsummer festivities like dancing around a maypole and enjoying bonfires. Depending on the location and time of year, some Nordic weddings may be held under the midnight sun or the Northern Lights, creating a magical atmosphere.

Another strong characteristic of a Nordic wedding is a Scandinavian design that favours minimalism and simplicity. Speaking of Nordic wedding trends, Scandinavian minimalism is one of the most popular ones. Embracing the Nordic design principles, many couples opt for clean, understated decor and attire, as well as neutral colour palettes and simple, elegant floral arrangements.

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Another Nordic wedding trend is boho and rustic wedding decor that features natural textures like wood, stone, and wool. This trend goes hand in hand with sustainability, which is a big topic in Scandinavian countries. Couples make efforts to reduce waste, use locally sourced and seasonal products, and opt for sustainable decor and transportation options.

The best time to get married in Scandinavia


Scandinavia experiences distinct seasons, each offering its unique charm. In summer (June to August), there are extended daylight hours, warm weather, and lush green landscapes. This is a popular time for outdoor weddings in picturesque countryside settings or on the coast. The downside of a summer wedding is the high demand for venues and vendors, which can lead to higher costs. Scandinavia can be an expensive region for weddings, so choosing off-peak seasons could lessen the costs.


Late Spring (May) provides pleasant weather with milder temperatures and blooming flowers. Outdoor weddings are possible without the peak summer crowds. Early Autumn (September) also delights with mild weather, especially in early September. Fall foliage can create a beautiful backdrop for weddings. Venues may be more available compared to summer. Keep in mind, in spring and autumn, weather can be unpredictable, with the possibility of rain and cooler days, so having an indoor option is wise.

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A winter wedding (December to February) in Scandinavia can be magical, especially if you want a cosy, intimate atmosphere. Snow-covered landscapes, Northern Lights, and the festive holiday season add to the charm. The only cons are the colder temperatures and shorter daylight hours. Travel may be more challenging due to snow and ice.

To decide the best season and find the best options, consider hiring a Scandinavian wedding planner to help you navigate wedding organization and provide tips for planning a wedding in Scandinavia.


Scandinavian wedding dresses

Romantic Scandinavian weddings are elevated by a high-end Scandinavian fashion design. Scandinavian bridal fashion is known for its simplicity and elegance. It draws inspiration from minimalist design principles and reflects a sense of understated beauty and functionality designed for comfort, ease of movement, and practicality throughout the wedding day. Silhouettes tend to be effortless and unfussy, with A-line, sheath, and column dresses being popular choices. These silhouettes complement the minimalist aesthetic, featuring subtle and refined detailing. A common choice in Scandinavian bridal fashion is long-sleeved bridal gowns that add a touch of sophistication and can be practical for colder seasons. Scandinavian bridal fashion places a strong emphasis on the use of high-quality, luxurious fabrics, not forgetting about sustainable and ethical materials. Also, some brides incorporate cultural influences into their wedding attire, such as wearing a traditional Scandinavian crown or a locally inspired accessory.

Dresses: BAE

Although the Baltic countries are not considered Scandinavian, they have skilful wedding dress designers and unique craftsmanship. A wedding dress created in the Baltic states can fit into your Scandinavian wedding seamlessly.

Kristina Viirpalu is an Estonian bridal designer whose collections epitomize strength and timelessness in opulent couture. With the added cultural richness of Estonian heritage, celebrating modern functionality and ancestral handcraft patterns, all meticulously created in Tallinn, Estonia, her designs cater exclusively to passionate modern women. She offers to create a personal couture piece designed in collaboration with clients to reflect their unique personalities.


NYMF Bridal, also based in Tallinn, offers a diverse range of unique bridal dresses, each carrying distinct archetypes and energies to suit various wedding settings, from intimate nature ceremonies to grand weddings. NYMF's signature style is characterized by playfulness and abundance, weaving together different textures, laces, fringes, details, embroideries, and pearls. With a strong commitment to quality in materials and craftsmanship, collections exude femininity, sensuality, and a touch of enchantment. These dresses are true works of art that will complement your tasteful Nordic wedding.


MOSS Bridal offers extraordinary gowns tailored for today's modern brides, crafted with exquisite quality and design expertise. The brand seamlessly blends contemporary trends with timeless design classics, resulting in sophisticated dresses adorned with intricate handmade details, catering to the discerning modern bride. All Moss Bridal dresses are meticulously produced in Latvia. Brides can choose from a diverse range of designs, including minimalist styles, lace embellishments, ethereal tulle creations, elegant satin gowns, and unique fabric options, ensuring a perfect fit for every bride's taste and vision.


BAE is a bridal fashion brand recognizable for its minimalistic and chic wedding dresses that seamlessly blend sophistication with playful elements. What sets BAE apart is their masterful incorporation of playful details, introducing a touch of whimsy into each gown. These dresses are a harmonious fusion of classic and contemporary aesthetics, offering brides an opportunity to express their style while radiating elegance on their special day.

Dresses: BAE

Scandinavia-inspired wedding themes

Several wedding themes can be well-suited to a Scandinavian-inspired wedding, reflecting the region's culture, nature, and design aesthetic. Here are a few wedding themes you can draw inspiration from, develop further and that work particularly well in Scandinavia.

Rustic Nordic Elegance – combine rustic elements like barn venues and wooden decor with the timeless elegance of Scandinavian design. Embrace neutral colours, greenery, and minimalist details for an effortlessly chic look for your rustic Scandinavian wedding.


Nordic Forest Fairytale – take inspiration from Scandinavian forests with moss-covered decor, tree-inspired centrepieces, and earthy colour palettes. This theme embodies the enchanting beauty of Nordic woodlands.

Scandinavian Modern – embrace the sleek and contemporary side of Scandinavian design with a modern theme. Incorporate clean lines, minimalist decor, and bold geometric patterns.


Arctic Romance – this wedding theme is perfect for adventurers. Explore the Arctic theme with cool colour palettes, ice-inspired decor, and a nod to the Arctic wildlife and natural beauty. Plan an intimate winter wedding in Scandinavia against the backdrop of mountains, glaciers, and waterfalls.

Wedding destinations in Scandinavia

Scandinavia offers a diverse range of wedding venues for a memorable destination wedding in Scandinavia. Here are some of the best places to get married in Scandinavia.

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For an outdoor Scandinavian wedding, consider Norway's stunning fjords that provide a breathtaking backdrop for a destination wedding. Scandinavia boasts a lengthy coastline with picturesque beaches and coastal towns. For a beach wedding in Scandinavia, consider a seaside wedding in places like the Swedish archipelago, the Danish coast, or the coastal areas of Finland.

The Scandinavian countryside provides a rustic and tranquil setting for weddings. You can choose from picturesque farmhouses, cabins in the woods, or rural estates in the Swedish and Finnish countryside. Scandinavia has numerous islands that make for secluded and romantic wedding destinations. Examples include the Åland Islands (Finland), Gotland (Sweden), and the Faroe Islands (Denmark).

Location: NORWAY

There are many destinations for an urban wedding in Scandinavia. Cities like Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, and Helsinki offer historic charm, beautiful architecture, and cultural richness. You can host your wedding in elegant city venues, historic landmarks, or charming old towns. Scandinavian cities offer modern industrial venues with exposed brick, large windows, and contemporary design elements for couples who appreciate a modern aesthetic.


For a one-of-a-kind experience, consider an ice hotel wedding venue. In Sweden and Finland, you'll find ice hotels that are rebuilt every year using ice and snow. Hosting your wedding in one of these unique venues can be a magical experience. Or, for a nautical wedding theme, choose a lighthouse as your wedding venue. Some Scandinavian lighthouses have been converted into unique wedding venues, providing stunning coastal views and maritime charm.

Wedding in Scandinavia – for those who appreciate nature, design and simple living

Location: NORWAY

Wedding in Scandinavia is an ideal choice for those who value a deep connection to nature, embrace elegant design, and cherish the beauty of simple, harmonious living. In this enchanting region, couples can exchange vows against breathtaking natural backdrops, surrounded by the timeless elegance of Scandinavian design, creating unforgettable moments of pure, understated beauty.

Author: Renāte Berga


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