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Wedding moodboard

Wedding moodboard

When planning a wedding, it is easy to get confused in the middle of thousands of ideas. To get inspired, and not overwhelmed, create a wedding mood board to serve as a guide in the whirlpool of ideas!

What is a mood board?

A mood board is a set of ideas in a visual format, a collage. When planning a wedding, you have to have a clear vision of how it will look and make you feel. When creating a mood board, put together pictures that represent your ideas, colour palette, style, mood, interior design, decorations, and atmosphere.

Why create a mood board?

Creating a mood board will help you crystallize your vision of the wedding. Enjoy this process! What will be your wedding style, for example, classic, boho, or rustic? Putting it all on your mood board will make it clear what suits you.

How to create a mood board?

The choice of the tools – according to everyone's skills and preferences. You can create a mood board online or use a mood board application, such as the most popular – Pinterest, create a poster, use a whiteboard or a large frame to attach drawings, photos, and sticky notes – there are no restrictions!

Tips for creating a mood board

  • The collage must include something important to you as a couple, such as a symbolic image or colour. It can also be a starting point for creating a wedding concept.
  • Put on a mood board everything that inspires you to think about weddings. It's okay if each picture separately doesn't reflect your vision. What matters is the combination of all of them, the big picture.
  • Show your mood board to wedding professionals! This will help them to understand your vision, for example, a florist, decorator, baker, or photographer will be able to capture your mood, style, and taste.
  • In addition to photos, you can add samples of materials to the mood board.
  • Remember that ideas are everywhere – when looking at beautiful interiors, in stores, on the web, in books, blogs, magazines, on Pinterest, and Instagram!

Author: Ieva Simanoviča

Moodboards: Ksenija Belca-Besler

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