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Flowers are an integral part not only of weddings, but also of relationships, and to please your loved one with flowers on a daily basis, you need to trust excellent florists who will prepare the most beautiful flower arrangements. Floristry, like relationships, is an art - the art of arranging flowers.

Floristry - the art of arranging flowers

Although for many, floristry is most often associated with wedding flower arrangements, that is not correct. Floristry is the practice of arranging flowers and plants, and that is why, when it comes to floristry, we cannot forget other holidays or a simple everyday life when a beautiful pleasure is needed. An outstanding florist will know not only how to better combine flowers, but also know what they mean and what they symbolize. For example, flowers, which do not leave so many indifferent - peonies, symbolize: honesty, wealth and prosperity, romance and love, beauty in all its forms. Depending on the color, peonies can be complemented by compositions with a completely different mood, but more often their airy texture is the embodiment of softness itself.

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