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Bachelorette, bachelor and hen parties

Bachelorette parties are often the most awaited by the bridesmaids. A bachelorette party can be romantic, active and even wild. But the most important thing is that it suits the bride herself. Of course, the groom's friends will also have to think of a fun bachelor party.

The most important thing for a bachelorette party is to please the bride

When it comes to bachelorette parties, it is worth remembering that the story is not about the bridesmaids but the bride herself. Therefore, the most important rule is to always think about what kind of party she would like.

If the bride is a calm person, she is unlikely to enjoy public challenges. She may better enjoy a bridal bath ritual, a yacht trip or a spa appointment. On the other hand, if the bride is a social and active person, perhaps relaxing is not how she would like to spend her bachelorette party.

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In recent years, various masterclasses are in trend for bachelorette parties – from culinary to dancing and singing to even diving lessons. The main principle of this type of hen party is to learn something new, and it must coincide with the bride's interests. The most popular activity for a hen party recently is a painting masterclass, during which the bride paints her work of art accompanied by an artist.

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