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Alessandro Mancino Studios / MUAH

Alessandro Mancino Studios / MUAH

Italy, Amalfi Coast



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Hi, I’m Alessandro Mancino, an Italian wedding hairdresser and beauty consultant, based on the Amalfi Coast.

Drawing from my extensive experience in the fashion industry and active involvement in numerous events and runway shows, I'm thrilled to offer my expertise and talents to women who entrust me with their most significant moments. My services are based in Italy, but I'm readily available worldwide.

My educational background includes a degree in Economics and the successful completion of a master's program in Management Consultancy. However, my lifelong passion for hairstyling, which I cultivated through self-teaching, led me to pursue my dreams and transform my passion into a full-fledged profession. I achieved this by enrolling in prestigious Italian academies specializing in bridal looks and styling.

For me it’s never been just a job, but a mission: give charm to every woman that desires to share that special glow with her beloved ones in her perfect day!

My personal style leans towards the romantic yet contemporary, emphasizing harmonious, soft shapes that accentuate the unique beauty and personality of each bride we have the privilege to work with.

In collaboration with my team of highly skilled hairdressers and makeup artists, I have established fruitful partnerships with the foremost Italian and international wedding agencies and event planners. We have been fortunate to operate in captivating locations such as the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento, Cilento, Capri, Tuscany, and Lake Como.

Through unwavering determination and unwavering commitment to my craft, I have garnered attention from renowned photographers, editors, and art directors worldwide. My portfolio includes diverse advertising campaigns, photo shoots, and participation in national exhibitions. I take immense pride in the reputation we have cultivated thus far.

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