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Consuelo | Wedding planner

Consuelo | Wedding planner

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Helping others has always been my aim, in this case I help them make their dreams come true.

As a wedding planner I guide the couple in defining the style that best represents them, from choosing the location that will be their home on the day of their event, to keep the budget under control, in the management and source for the suppliers, and mostly I make the organizational process a no stress experience for the couple as well as the wedding day a real event made of the indelible emotions for the spouses.


Our pricing model is tailored to suit the specific requirements of each event. Factors influencing the pricing include the nature of the event, such as its type and scale, the distance to the venue, the duration of the event, and the scope of additional services needed, such as accommodation arrangements and pre or post-event activities. Additionally, the number of guests attending the event is taken into account, as it impacts resource allocation and logistical planning. By considering these variables, we ensure a fair and customized pricing structure that accurately reflects the unique needs of each client's event.


To secure the services of top-tier suppliers, we advise our clients to begin planning approximately one year in advance. While we have the capability to organize weddings within a month, embarking on the planning journey sooner allows for a more relaxed and enjoyable experience. By initiating the process as early as possible, clients can ensure access to a wider array of options and have ample time for careful consideration and decision-making, resulting in a smoother and more fulfilling planning process.