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Celebrate eternal love: planning a wedding in Rome

Celebrate eternal love: planning a wedding in Rome

To find out how to plan a dreamy wedding in Rome and incorporate the city’s offerings, we consulted with a professional and talented wedding planner Sara Tusset.

Sara Tusset is a true Roman native and event organizer. Her ability to focus on beauty and intricate details empowers her to provide top-notch service to her clients. With the collaboration of her dedicated team, they strive to cater to each couple's unique needs and desires, working harmoniously to bring dreams to life.

Sara has diverse experience planning civil, symbolic, and religious weddings, but her favourite endeavour is coordinating elopements, micro celebrations and intimate weddings. To her, these events transform the wedding into a true celebration, brimming with authentic emotions and sentiments.

Wedding planner: SARA TUSSET

Getting married in the Eternal City

Sara Tusset admits that Rome has always been seen as a very romantic destination for foreign couples. Speaking of exquisite Roman venues, the Trevi Fountain is the most photographed place. Ninety per cent of couples want to promise eternal love and hold romantic Italian ceremonies in this place. For her couples, Sara always tries to create something unique they can take with them as a memory forever. Rome can be romantic, modern and even unusual, you just need to know how to use creativity and professionalism.

When asked about how she incorporates history and local traditions in weddings, Sara Tusset explains that weddings between Italians are very different from foreign ones. They have long timelines, even though they last only one day at most. For her couples, Sara always tries to break the wedding routine. For example, one of her couples decided to have an elopement and then organise a wedding for the whole family, friends and colleagues.

Wedding planner: SARA TUSSET

Sara Tusset always tries to get the couple to make choices for themselves and not think too much about traditions. Her weddings are unconventional, and to achieve that, choosing the right suppliers is very important. She says many Italians choose poor-quality suppliers because their friends have chosen them. Whereas, she takes care of selecting the best suppliers that make the difference.

Personalized and intimate elopements in Rome

When developing intimate elopement ideas, it’s important to consider personal touches that are a crucial part of Sara Tusset’s work. As she explains, usually, the couples who contact her, embrace her style and thinking, which includes a high level of individuality and personalization. At the first appointment, she has the couple tell her their love story and wishes for their wedding or elopement. Then, the most important work begins, taking their emotions and turning them into reality. Each time, she selects the most suitable suppliers for the couple. This means, each time, carefully studying each supplier.

Wedding planner: SARA TUSSET

For a 2024 wedding, there will be an old-time swing music performer because the bride did not want a classical singer. Sara’s on the ongoing research of the wedding venues in Rome because, often, couples ask her for non-wedding locations to have a family atmosphere.

Working with many foreign couples, Sara Tusset can say they rely a lot on her creativity. Sometimes, they bring small objects with them in memory of their relatives who are unfortunately no longer with them. And she tries to give these objects the right importance. Every time Sara studies the trends of the moment and gets inspired by fashion. Each mood created is always based on the wishes of the couple.

Sara processes these wishes and turns them into reality using ideas that work for them. For example, for a 2024 couple, she will create a candle-only table with bows to emphasise the romanticism required by the couple and the current trends.

Wedding planner: SARA TUSSET

Destination wedding tips: finding a wedding venue in Rome

When it comes to booking a wedding venue, Sara Tusset says that couples are very precise on this point. She bases the search of the venue on the budget, the request for the type of event, and the logistics and distance. Many couples want wedding venues no more than 40 km from the centre, others want venues in the centre of Rome, and others do not want traditional wedding venues.

Every time, Sara has to select and analyse the perfect venues for the couple. She emphasizes that this phase is really important because it will characterise the whole wedding. It takes a lot of work because she analyses up to 10 locations for each couple if she has to, but only 3 locations will then be presented to the couple, and this allows her to save the couple time and not throw them into the chaos of the sporadic search.

Diving deeper into the topic of finding the right wedding venue in Rome, Sara Tusset explains that a wedding venue must have a Plan A and a Plan B for rain. Plan B has to be as good as Plan A, and this is very difficult because many Roman wedding venues have very good Plan A but not so-good Plan B. Additionally, the venue has to be well-priced, easily accessible, have available parking for guests, and be accessible for the guests. Due to traffic and the locations of some venues, this part is very important.

For a 2024 event, she will plan shuttles for all guests. They will be taken to the location and then brought back to a designated spot that can fit everyone.

Wedding planner: SARA TUSSET

When inquired about challenges she has encountered when planning a wedding in Rome, Sara Tusset shares that the power went out once at an important moment but, thanks to a good team, she was able to overcome this obstacle. In moments like these, the professionalism and expertise of the wedding vendors come in handy.

For Sara to choose certain wedding vendors, they must correspond to these characteristics: be professionals, meet all the couple’s requirements, meet the budget, be local, have good empathy, also have good reviews in the wedding business. Additional point: Sara checks to which wedding blogs they are presented or is subscribed to because, in her eyes, some of them are not synonymous with quality.

Sara Tusset kindly shares her advice for those planning to get married in this magical city: have a realistic and adequate budget, stay in the centre of Rome, and enjoy the city! As for her dreams, she has many, some include specific locations she would like to work with, but it always depends on the couple. She puts them first and never proposes something not in line with them.

Wedding planner: SARA TUSSET

Falling in love with one another and with Rome

Getting married in Rome is a dreamy affair made even more enchanting with the insightful tips shared by renowned wedding planner Sara Tusset. As a native Roman with a keen eye for modern elegance, Sara's expertise shines through in her meticulous attention to detail. Whether organizing intimate elopements or grand celebrations, Sara's guidance transforms weddings into unforgettable celebrations. With Rome's timeless charm as a backdrop and Sara's professional touch, couples can embark on a journey to create truly magical and cherished moments on their special day.

Wedding planner: SARA TUSSET

Author: Renāte Berga

Wedding planner in Rome: Sara Tusset

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