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The bridal wardrobe: exploration beyond wedding dress

The bridal wardrobe: exploration beyond wedding dress

The wedding dress is the statement piece in the bride’s ensemble. Let’s explore how to make your wedding gown more versatile and build the bridal wardrobe around it.

The team at Kladek, a contemporary bridal wear brand, understands that the modern bride's wardrobe extends beyond just the wedding dress. Today, it's about having the right outfit for every bridal occasion, from the rehearsal dinner to the civil ceremony and wedding party.

Frida Hoffman-Clark, the founder and designer of Kladek and her team embrace this shift in bridal fashion and strive to become the niche go-to for brides who want to look understatedly confident. Their curated collection focuses on providing versatile and elegant options that effortlessly transition from one occasion to another.

Frida Hoffman-Clark, the founder of Kladek, shares her design philosophy and gives valuable advice on curating a one-of-a-kind bridal wardrobe.


Creating versatile bridal attire

At Kladek, the design process for creating versatile bridal attire begins by listening to women's desires and concerns and simultaneously developing a seasonal concept. The team then focuses on defining key wedding moments they would like to cover, such as the rehearsal dinner and bridal brunch, civil and wedding ceremonies, and the reception party, for instance.

When designing, Frida Hoffman-Clark constantly considers the practical aspects by questioning how their designs can be styled together or how they could be worn beyond the wedding day. Another pivotal point for them is to ensure that the pieces are comfortable and make the bride feel at ease.


Winter wedding attire

Speaking of designing a wedding dress that’s appropriate for the specific weather, Frida Hoffman-Clark touches on winter bridal attire. As a designer with a background in tailoring and outerwear, Frida personally loves creating pieces for winter weddings because the focus is on designing looks that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical. It is possible to achieve warmth and comfort without sacrificing style, and she looks forward to showcasing this with her upcoming collection.


For brides planning winter weddings, the team at Kladek recommends considering inside-outside looks that are linked to the main gown or outfit. This ensures that the bride remains comfortable both outside in the cold and inside without overheating. In their upcoming collection, they have addressed this by including coats, jackets, and other cover-ups that can be effortlessly styled with their gowns, offering warmth and style for winter celebrations.

As Frida Hoffman-Clark explains, winter weddings offer a range of design possibilities for bridal gowns. Some brides opt for jackets or coats to be worn over their wedding dresses or ensembles, while others prefer to work with light or sheer materials that evoke a sense of lightness and a trans-seasonal mood. This versatility allows for practicality and creativity, making the process of designing for winter weddings an exhilarating and rewarding challenge.


In terms of versatility and adaptability, when designing bridal outfits that can be easily repurposed for winter festive celebrations beyond the wedding day, one of Frida Hoffman-Clark’s favourite pieces to work with are outerwear pieces, such as coats or jackets. Using a beautiful wool or satin-like material with a slight sheen can elevate any winter occasion wear.

Mix and match bridal wear

When inquired about mixing and matching different elements to create varied looks, Frida Hoffman-Clark shares that from brides who opt for bespoke creations, she has seen a big interest in the concept of modular or 2-in-1 looks. The brides often desire a wedding dress or ensemble for the main event and then wish to alter an element of their outfit to create a different silhouette.

This can be achieved through the addition of a separate piece, a detachable sleeve, or a skirt, among other options. Frida notes that another approach is to mix and match separates to create a unique look, even giving the illusion of wearing a wedding gown if desired.

Design: KLADEK

Kladek collections are designed for more flexibility when constructing silhouettes, prioritising the comfort of the bride so that she can feel effortlessly confident on their wedding day.

To effortlessly transition a bridal look from the ceremony to the reception, Frida Hoffman-Clark would advise the bride to imagine how she would like to feel at each given moment. Incorporating modular elements like an additional skirt, a sheer cover-up, or a jacket can add versatility to a dress.

For brides who seek a captivating bridal moment followed by a more relaxed reception, for instance, adding a Kladek Lilium skirt over the minimal Calla dress could be a great option, as the combination would give two very different looks.


Dressing for multiple wedding-related events

More and more often, couples extend their wedding celebrations over multiple events. Starting from the engagement party to the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, the actual wedding and even after wedding celebrations. And that’s a favourable approach if the couple wants to soak in their wedding and all its aspects. For brides having multiple events, strategic planning is required to avoid redundancy and achieve a cohesive overall look in their bridal wardrobe.

In these cases, Frida Hoffman-Clark’s favourite suggestion is to experiment with mixing separates, as it allows for endless styling options. Investing in high-quality staple pieces, like a timeless skirt or a pair of versatile trousers, serves as a strong foundation for creating different bridal looks. The bride can easily transform these bottoms by pairing them with various blouses, tops, or corsets, depending on the style and mood she wishes to wear for each occasion.

Design: KLADEK

When opting for a wedding dress, Frida would encourage brides to have fun and embrace the moment, while also considering the long-term wearability of the pieces.

For the upcoming collection at Kladek, they are including a range of mini and midi dresses that strike the balance between being elevated enough for bridal events and versatile enough to be re-worn after the celebrations. To ensure a cohesive bridal wardrobe, Frida would also recommend paying attention to the quality of materials and the colours.

Redefining the wedding dress

Frida Hoffman-Clark shares that, while timelessness is often a key consideration for her brides, personal style preferences vary. Some lean towards a more timeless aesthetic, while others embrace trendier elements. Ultimately, it is each woman's prerogative to choose what resonates with her individuality and makes her feel confident. Her brides are usually very interested in incorporating the future use of their Kladek pieces and seek versatility beyond the wedding day.


Speaking of incorporating non-bridal pieces into the wedding wardrobe, Frida Hoffman-Clark explains that, at Kladek, they believe in prioritising personal style over the traditional distinction between bridal and non-bridal pieces. They encourage brides to curate their wedding wardrobe based on their aesthetic, integrating accessories like jewellery, shoes, and bags that hold sentimental value. Their approach is centred around underlining and elevating the bride's unique style, allowing her to create a wedding look that is a true reflection of herself, without limitations or boundaries.

Wedding dress – a gown with many possibilities

Frida Hoffman-Clark, the visionary founder of Kladek, has truly redefined the landscape of contemporary bridal wear with her innovative design principles and versatile approach. Her commitment to exploring the boundaries of what a wedding dress can be is nothing short of remarkable. By embracing a philosophy that encourages interpretation and extension, she has opened up a world of possibilities for brides seeking unique and personalized ensembles.


Author: Renāte Berga

Wedding dress designer: Frida Hoffman-Clark, the founder of Kladek


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