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When the wedding day is over, what's left are not only memories but also wedding photos. Those are moments captured by the wedding photographer. Choosing the best wedding photographer for your wedding is one of the biggest decisions you have to make while organizing a wedding.

How to choose your wedding photographer?

There are great sources to look for your wedding photographer and get inspired as Pinterest and Instagram. Before hiring a wedding photographer, research the photographer’s style to make sure it matches your taste and wedding concept. Every professional wedding photographer has unique taste, vision and even tones of colours preferred.

Practical advice to ensure your wedding photos will look great:

  • search on Instagram or other platforms and prepare a mood board with photos you are inspired by. Show them your wedding photograph to discuss if you are on the same page. Besides, it is a great option for wedding photographers to understand your wishes and vision closely;
  • allow the wedding photographer to fulfil their vision. Rely on the photographer! Your photographer is a professional who knows how to achieve the desired result. Every photographer will appreciate trust;
  • it’s not necessary to seek some special location for a wedding photo session. Sometimes the wedding celebration venue with all the gorgeous decorations is the best option;
  • for better close-up photos, touch up the bride's make-up after the ceremony to ensure it is still as perfect as before. Some nice things as kisses, hugs and tears of joy belong to the wedding ceremony and add value for documentary photos but may not be so flattering for a photo session;
  • to enjoy the wedding photo session, provide yourself with some snacks and water, especially if the wedding is on a hot summer day;
  • candlelight is a great friend to wedding photos. Candles create an atmosphere and help maintain romantic and magical light for wedding evening and night;
  • do not take photos in bright sun.

How much time would be appropriate for a wedding photo session without wedding guests?

Ask your wedding photographer how much time he would like to spend in one place. 30-40 minutes would be optimal if only there is no extra activities planned. If your wedding photo session schedule is freer and there is no need to rush to your wedding guests, you can spend one place even an hour or choose someplace.

In any case, it is worth spending more time on photo sessions not travelling back and forth. The closer the location of the photo session is to the celebration venue, the better. Thus you can use the time gained to feel more relaxed and enjoy your wedding photo session.

Author: Ieva Krastina

Photo: Michelle Gonzalez

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