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My Sicily Wedding

My Sicily Wedding

Palermo, Sicily, Italy

+39 3517938018‬



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I followed my heart and decided to settle! ... I found enchantment in Sicily's diverse landscapes, vibrant streets, and warm culture.

This passion brought me to where I am today, because after travelling the length and breadth of Italy as a tourist, I discovered the wonderful Sicily. This island enraptured me, with its multi-hued countryside, crystal clear sea, traditional flavours, streets full of life and the warmth of its people. Totally in love, I decided to listen to my heart and stay, bringing with me my four-legged friends from whom I just can’t part. Right from the start I felt welcomed and felt I had found my place in the world, because my humble and cheerful personality is mirrored in the brightness of the Sicilians.

I think life should be full of emotions and this job allows me to feel many of them.