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Prometo Amar-te | Wedding Designers

Prometo Amar-te | Wedding Designers

Coimbra, Portugal

+351 913666826




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We plan weddings and design the most beautiful days. We are Prometo Amar-te Wedding Designers.

Our services are wedding planning, decoration and flower design, either combined or singled out, so you can choose what fits your expectations, and needs, better. We aim to create a seamless experience for everyone involved: the couple, their guests and the vendors team. We are located in Coimbra (the centre of Portugal), and we work throughout the national territory.

Now that you have the serious information, let's have some fun: we love flower arrangements, stay in touch with the current trends and have a soft spot for pearls and cocktail bags as bridal accessories. And what can we say about that perfect lounge...? It's our signature work!

Let's dream together!

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