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Electronic and video wedding invitations

Etiquette requires that wedding invitations must be sent out at least 3-6 months before the wedding. The earlier the wedding invitations are sent out, the more likely that guests will be able to attend the couple's special day. As many weddings today are international, for couples that get married from different countries, it is advisable to send out Save the Date cards as well, so that guests can plan the event in time.

Save the Date cards are usually sent out at least 6-12 months before the wedding. While paper wedding invitations are definitely very popular, electronic wedding invitations are also in demand, especially if the wedding is a spontaneous decision. Wedding invitations in electronic format will be more available. Wedding invitation printing and wedding invitation texts are the aspects you can safely entrust to the designers you decide to work with. Of course, you also need to carefully evaluate the price of wedding invitations to get the best deal possible.

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Wedding invitations and wedding invitation printing

When planning a wedding, it is important to choose the overall mood, theme and color scheme of the wedding, which should be followed both in the decorations and when thinking about details such as wedding invitations.

Invitation design can tell more than the wedding invitation text, that is why it is advisable to design the invitations so that guests get information not only about the venue and time but also about the atmosphere of the event. If your wedding budget is limited, keep in mind that wedding invitations can also vary in price. In the case of a limited budget, remember, there are ready-made wedding invitations that can also be a solution, as well as the printing of wedding invitations should be carefully evaluated.

Wedding invitations are like your wedding signature

An important task when planning a wedding is to choose the overall mood, theme and color scheme of the wedding, which should guide you when designing the venue and thinking about the details, such as wedding invitations. Invitation design can tell more about the wedding than the text of invitations, that is why it is advisable to design invitations so that guests get information about the venue and time as well as the atmosphere of the event, for example, when planning a summer wedding, use silk paper and floral decorations for the invitations. If you have a limited budget, keep in mind that wedding invitations can also vary in price. On the media BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM we offer to get professional and experience-based recommendations that will help you choose the most beautiful invitations that suit your situation.

Interesting and memorable invitations will make guests look forward to your wedding

Nowadays, there are many options for processing and designing different materials, and wedding invitations will vary in price depending on the material used, design and the printed text, which has many different options:

  • The material can be paper or cardboard, as well as fabric and even wood. Each of these materials can be processed differently to create interesting design solutions. The text of wedding invitations can also become more stylistically interesting by using different materials;
  • Invitation decorations can be cutouts in the base material, additional stickers, stitching, and even items such as placing an invitation in a glass bottle depicting a letter found in the waves of the sea. It should be noted that using such non-standard solutions will make wedding invitations more expensive in terms of price;
  • The text of a wedding invitation is the most important element of the invitation - no matter how stylish you design it, it must be understandable and convey basic information. You can choose from a variety of colors, fonts, and types of prints, from handwritten calligraphy to woodcut.

The text of the wedding invitation can contain not only information about the place and time, but also the desired dress code or the necessary things guests need, such as a swimsuit or a change of shoes, if you plan to include an unusual activity during the wedding.

You can spend several hours at BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM, gaining inspiration for wedding planning and management

With us, on the BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM media, you can get countless ideas for creating wedding invitations, as well as view current offers from design studios. In the sections of our website you will find everything you need to create interesting and high-quality invitations:

  • Discover fashion trends from the latest wedding collections of native and foreign designers. Here you will find the latest wedding dress designs, as well as wedding concepts and color schemes to use in creating your invitations;
  • Get useful tips on creating a guest list, as well as an invitation etiquette and the best design solutions;
  • Find great deals on stationery design studios to make sure your visions and desires are realized in the best way possible. Wedding invitations will vary in price from studio to studio, so you can find out and arrange this by contacting the company right away.

Wedding invitations are just one of the details in your overall wedding image, but they can determine both the wedding tone and what your guests expect when they go to the event. Get inspiration and ideas on BRIDELIFESTYLE.COM media to make your wedding invitation text special and filled with love.