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Hello, folks. My name is Justina. I introduce myself as a storytelling photographer. I want to tell your unique story in a sense of where art meets cinematic point of view. I want to create a portal, where you and your loved ones feel safe, intimate and beautiful.

I am a big geek of cinema, paintings, books and Lana Del Rey. For me the most important thing is to show pictures - how it really felt on your wedding day. I also feel very creative with film 35 mm camera; it reminds me of my Dad. He used to shot on film. 

I always guide my couples with a little bit of direction, but usually I always ask you just do what feels natural: hold hands, kiss like nobody is watching, laugh, cry or just dance till feet hurts... I feel very inspired by my couples, cause it's a wonderful feeling to meet you, folks, and to capture artful, romantic pictures that tell a story of your day.

If you are curious to know more about me, my work: my style & approach, prices and all the details please contact hello@pinesandwines.com.