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SILVIA SÁNCHEZ | Wedding Planner

SILVIA SÁNCHEZ | Wedding Planner

Alicante, Spain

Valencia, Spain

+34 638387836


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What do we offer? We really offer it all, everything!
What are you thinking about…?


We design your event in each and every one of the actions you need. We develop concepts, create experiences and we are specialists in making things very easy for you. Experience is a degree and we have it! We have no limits.


Specialists in organizing soirees and wedding experts. We help you in the planning, organization and decoration of your party. We really want to mess around and do different things, really!


Tell us what party you are involved in and we will come to create an incredible staging that will not leave anyone indifferent. Our forte is the decoration and setting of spaces: from a small but important bouquet, the most familiar hotel or the most brutal party. Because everything is important and flowers and props make everything shine brighter... and you know it!