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Most common mistakes in wedding planning

Most common mistakes in wedding planning

A wedding is a wonderful event that requires careful preparations and planning. Whether you have in mind an intimate ceremony for two or a celebration with a large group of friends and relatives, you have it without planning. When organizing everything themselves, sometimes couples make mistakes in wedding planning, which can cause stress and unpleasant emotions.

Here are some of the most common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Not planning a wedding budget

Enthusiastic engaged couples often forget about an important aspect of wedding planning – you have to agree on a budget. If this is not done at the very beginning, you can end up in a situation where the wedding is only partially planned, but the money is already spent. It is very important to agree on a specific sum acceptable to both of you. It is wise to set aside some extra money for unexpected expenses.

Too expensive wedding dress

After an engagement, it can be a great temptation to go to a wedding salon to find or order your dream dress, but buying a dress before everything else is not always the best decision. If the wedding ceremony venue has not been approved yet and you still brainstorm on the wedding style and theme, the purchase of the dress should not be rushed. It is easier to match the dress to the event than vice versa.

In addition, if the wedding dress is the first purchase, you may be tempted to spend too much of the wedding budget. Of course, you shouldn't leave the wedding dress shopping to the last minute. It is best to do it 3-6 months before the wedding day.

Not involving the groom

Many women have dreamed of their wedding day since childhood, so, understandably, the bride is passionate about planning a wedding, forgetting to consult with her future husband. Many men are happy to hand over planning to their bride, but it is essential to discuss the most important details together.

Relationships require two people, same goes for wedding planning. We recommend buying a wedding planner for yourself and your fiancé, where you can write down everything that has to be done. By planning an important event together, you will support each other, make important decisions, and strengthen your relationship.

Not having a structured plan

If you use wedding planner services, this will not be a problem. However, if you are planning a wedding yourself, it is very important to make a plan. Step-by-step wedding planning will be much more organized and less stressful than without a plan.

Coordination over phone calls

When planning a wedding, all agreements with wedding caterers, decorators, and organizers must be written down. Sometimes, when planning a wedding, it is possible to negotiate better prices and offers than indicated on the wedding service provider’s website or price list.

If the agreement was made by e-mail, you have proof. If everything is negotiated over the phone, the service provider can forget about the price offered to you, and it will be difficult to prove otherwise.

Too much influence from family and friends

When planning a wedding, relatives and friends will be happy to help. Sometimes it is worth listening to advice, but if you feel pressure from your family and friends, it is a sign that their involvement in wedding planning will only cause difficulties.

The couple must be aware that this is their celebration and their rules. Others should not be allowed to influence the guest list, menu, or other wedding-related details. A wedding is a special celebration for newlyweds, not an event to fulfil the wishes of others.

Distrusting a wedding agency

Some couples entrust wedding planning to professionals, thus saving themselves the worry and stress. Once this option is chosen, mistrust and criticism of wedding planners will certainly complicate the process. You still have the right to be involved in every stage of wedding planning, but controlling and questioning every detail will create extra tension and stress for you and the wedding agency.

Delaying looking for a wedding photographer

Of course, there is a lot of work, and it is difficult to get everything done in time, but finding the photographer should not be at the bottom of your to-do list. The most common mistake in wedding planning is looking for a photographer and videographer too late. The best professionals are booked even more than a year in advance, so if you want quality wedding photos, start thinking about it in time.

Avoiding assistance

Some couples choose to plan their wedding themselves. If the wedding is very small or even without guests, you may not need help but, keep in mind, it can be useful. To avoid troubles and failures, it is advisable to involve at least one assistant. Your best friend or other trusted person can be a wonderful help to you.

Focusing on the negative

There will be some hitch at every wedding, even the most carefully planned one. Remember that the most important thing on this day is the union of two people, not napkins in the wrong colour.

Try to enjoy every moment because it is unique and special!

Author: Elisa Rudzite

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