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In my photography there is an evident fusion of artistic sensibility and a profound connection to nature.

Each frame is carefully composed, mirroring the deliberate strokes of a painter's brush. The interplay of light and shadow in your images reveals a keen understanding of the visual language, creating a poetic and emotive narrative within every photograph.

Style of photography

I consider myself a storyteller. This means that my style is primarily documentary (candid photos and real moments) with editorial elements brought forward when it comes to your wedding portraits. My style is always very much influenced by the unique personalities and dynamics of each couple I work with. Since every wedding (and every couple) is so unique, I take a collaborative approach, combining my own artistic eye with the vibe of each couple. Your wedding day isn't a photo shoot and I strive to create authentic and sincere imagery without distracting from this hugely important day in your lives. I love shadows and silhouettes, movement, grain, deep tones, soft colours and images that provoke emotion, like paintings.


The cost is determined by the customer's requested hours and any associated travel requirements. Specifically for weddings, there is a pricing structure available for durations of 4, 8, and 12 hours, with additional travel expenses to be considered. In addition to my price guide (package or à la carte) it is possible to adding second photographer, video service, fine art album, ecc


As soon is possible, but i love even the last minute wedding!

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