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Involving pets at wedding. Is this a good or bad idea?

Involving pets at wedding. Is this a good or bad idea?

The presence of animals at weddings is no longer rare. Dogs, cats, horses, and even exotic animals participate. Living in an age where we constantly want to amaze each other, the presence of animals at weddings has also become one such surprise. And it's no wonder because animals are our best friends. Especially if the bride and groom are pet owners, they have to ask themselves - to leave the family pet in some faithful hands or take them to the wedding.

What to consider when taking pets to a wedding?

If your pet is your best friend, who plays a significant role in your life, and you worry about leaving them at home even for a few hours, and even if it is such an important day as the wedding, you can consider bringing your pet to the wedding.

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Pros of having your pet at the wedding:

  • your pet will be with you at such an important moment;
  • your pet will not miss you and will give joy to others - animals are considered a good sign at weddings, symbolizing a happy marriage.

Ways to include your pet in your wedding:

Ask your wedding venue and guests

Don't forget to find out what your wedding venue policy is regarding animals. There are venues where is a strict no-pet policy, especially when it comes to big dogs.

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Find out what guests think about it

If the wedding venue allows the presence of animals, find out what the guests might feel about your pet company at the wedding. Some guests may be allergic to cat fur or fear dogs – you would not want to ruin this day for the guests or yourself.


Find a trustee

You need to find someone to take care of your pet throughout the wedding reception. The dog may defecate in inappropriate places, and due to the presence of many people (most of whom will want to take a picture with your pet or at least pet him), it may feel threatened and start behaving unpredictably. Therefore, arrange that the dog spends the whole evening with someone he knows and feels comfortable with. To make sure the dog will feel good at the wedding venue, it is advisable to go there in advance - thus allowing him to get to know the surroundings.

The same goes if you want to dress up your beloved pet. The pet clothes should be tried before the wedding, allowing the pet to understand what is going on, especially if the costume is not worn daily.

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Ideas on how to include a dog in your wedding

  • If you are convinced of your pet's good behaviour and know that the guests will be pleased, the presence of an animal at a wedding can turn into a truly wonderful experience and delight.
  • If your dog is well-trained, he can be a ring bearer or a flower dog carrying petals in a basket. If you think it will be too complicated, you can tie a small basket to the dog's neck or a ring pad on the back – the guests will be excited, and the photos will be wonderful.
  • If a dog is really important to your family, why not honour him and let him walk the bride down the aisle or involve him at the first look? This moment would be worth a beautiful photo and some tears of touch.

However, if you decide that your own and your pet's hearts will be calmer not being present at the wedding, don't forget to find a suitable home – be it a professional pet hotel or animal caretakers, make sure that the day is just as happy and peaceful for your pet like for yourself.

Involve a pet in a pre-wedding photo session – it will also provide pleasant memories and will not cause unnecessary worries for your pet or you.

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