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Is he the right one? 15 questions to ask your wedding photographer

Is he the right one? 15 questions to ask your wedding photographer

Wedding photography holds the wedding memories. A beautiful wedding photo album is a gift for yourself, your kids and grandchildren. Wonderful memories of this beautiful day will arise while looking at the wedding photos. There is it all – emotions, scents, moments and flavours. You have to consider many factors when choosing a wedding photographer.

A good resource to get an impression of a photographer's work is Instagram or a photographer's webpage. Choose a photographer whose work resonates with your taste, visual aesthetic and wedding concept.

It is important to meet in person with the photographer you are considering. Only then you will see if you are on the same page and, not less importantly, how you feel around them and how the communication goes. Also, a great way to try working with a wedding photographer is to organize a pre-wedding photoshoot to get to know each other. This way you will feel free and authentic in front of the camera on your wedding day.


Before making the choice, ask these 15 questions your wedding photographer to find out if they are the right one:

1. Can we see one of your full photo shoots?

Instagram is a wonderful source of inspiration. However, there you see only the best photos the photographer can provide. To get a full impression, you need to explore full wedding photo sessions. Choose your wedding photographer here: Wedding photographers

2. Are you available on our wedding day?

If your preferred wedding photographer is not available on your wedding day, consider a date change.

3. How many weddings will you photograph during our wedding week?

Make sure, the photographer is not too busy during your wedding week, thus not being able to give your wedding as much enthusiasm as you would like to.


4. What is your experience in wedding photography?

Wedding photography is not the same as private, family or sports event photography. Ask your wedding photographer how many weddings they have photographed. Also, there is a little bit of a couple therapist in every professional wedding photographer. Thus, the more experience they have, the smoother your cooperation will be.

5. Tell about your experience with lights in specific places such as forests and dark galleries (and other venues relevant to your wedding)?

Photographers have to be technically knowledgeable to make a high-quality enjoyable picture in the forest with all the challenges natural light is giving.

6. Are you making standard or creative compositions?

If you are an artistic soul, there is no way a standard style will take your heart. Make your wedding photo session an adventure with a creative photographer.


7. What to do if it is raining on the wedding day?

Plan B is a must-have if your wedding photoshoot is planned outdoors. Ask for advice from your wedding photographer. Choose some moody places like a large shed, a dark museum or maybe your wedding reception venue.

8. Terms and conditions of contract, payment procedure.

Find out everything about the terms and conditions before the contract is signed. Ask if there are additional costs. Ask what to do if the wedding is rescheduled for another date.


9. Price and the hourly rate if the photographer's services are not booked for all day.

10. What is included in the price?

Find out how many edited photos are included in the price. Are transportation expenses included? Other extra costs?

11. What happens with security deposit if the wedding is scheduled for another date?

The photographer may ask you to pay a security deposit to reserve the date. But sometimes you have to change the date. Ask your wedding photographer what happens in this case. When the photographer agrees with you, they decline other possible clients for that date, so it is completely normal if this money is not paid back to you.


12. Is the photographer travelling with us on the wedding day in our car or another car?

Ask your wedding photographer if they will use your car on your wedding day. If the photographer chooses to travel with you, you need a vehicle with enough seats and space for the equipment.

13. Do you match your clothes with your wedding style?

Wedding photographers are professionals who know where they arrive, so it would be strange if there were some fashion etiquette issues. However, discuss the dress code if it is an important aspect of your wedding concept.

14. How long is the editing time to get finished photographs?

Remember, it takes months to edit wedding photographs. Your photographer can tell you the approximate time for it.


15. Do you want to post our wedding photographs on social media or your professional webpage?

Maybe you want to keep your wedding photos private. But for wedding photographers, creative wedding photos are a good addition to their portfolio. Agreement on publishing or private use only before the contract has to be made.




Author: Ieva Krastina

Photo: The Ferros

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