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Brancoprata is a multi-disciplinary studio focusing on two main areas: photography and floral design & styling

Founded 20 years ago, our photography extends the unity of every story we capture, creating a unique mark of our couple's collective memories. Our aim is to always create poetically charged and evocative imagery that truly reflects the accuracy of every moment. André Teixeira, lives photography as a form of writing and expressing himself.

Over the last 20 years he was able to travel the world capturing an array of genuine emotions, heartfelt moments and human connections that are not always obvious to the eye. His joyous personality, his sense of humour but above all, his smile, it's the first thing you will see whenever he is holding his camera.

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Our photography is a mix of various styles, making sure the end result is cohesive and in tune with the existing narrative of the day.

We specialized in weddings, engagement sessions but also fashion photography and campaigns designed exclusively for every creative brand.


We always provide a bespoke collection for each of our clients.


We work worldwide, and we love to be challenged so new, exciting locations are always welcome.

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