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My journey as a storyteller commenced many years ago, when I was just a camera-toting kid amidst friends – that child happened to be me. Today, I've grown into an adult, but within my circle of friends, I still carry the camera. When it comes to wedding photography, my approach is characterised by genuineness, love, empathy, and a touch of happiness. My objective is to capture those fleeting instances of intimacy shared by individuals in love: a glance, a smile, a tender hand on hand, a tear – each of these is an emotion, each is personal and distinctive for every person and couple. Rather than imposing my sole artistic vision, my intention is to emphasise the relationships, moments, and unique personalities that people entrust to me.


I received a flattering description of my photography once when a magazine referred to it as "authorial reportage with editorial portraits." I found it so appealing that I adopted it as my own. My main services are: wedding photography, editorial wedding photography, engagement sessions, couple sessions, family sessions, maternity sessions. I use digital and film.


I determine my pricing quite straightforwardly: 250€ per hour on-site. However, please keep in mind that this is a very general estimate. I always encourage you to request a customised quote to ensure that the pricing aligns precisely with your unique needs and preferences.


I'm an experienced wedding photographer, and I've developed the ability to capture beautiful photos under various challenging conditions, whether it's the harsh midday sun, pouring rain, the dimly lit atmosphere of a church, or a windy open field. I'm not intimidated by any of these situations. However, if I were to express my preferences, I particularly enjoy working with sunsets, sunrises, and the gentle touch of sunbeams – these lighting environments are my absolute favourites. Drone by request of the couple.


I can provide some general advice: the earlier you start planning, the greater the chances of securing your preferred wedding date. However, I firmly believe that once you find the photographer who aligns with your vision, you should go ahead and book them. It doesn't matter whether it's two years in advance or just a couple of months before the wedding. For weddings in remote or logistical-challenging locations, such as islands (e.g., Ischia, Giglio, or Monte Isola) or places like Positano, it's advisable to begin planning at least a year in advance. This gives you ample time to coordinate the necessary logistics and ensure a smooth and stress-free wedding day.

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